AISNSW and The Evidence Institute are proud to announce Growing and Nurturing Educators (GANE). GANE is a three-year initiative that will develop innovative, evidence-based projects to grow and nurture Independent school educators.  

At AISNSW, we recognise the importance of attracting and retaining future generations of capable and diverse teachers to the Independent school sector. We understand that fresh approaches for changing times will be beneficial in addition to traditional pathways into teaching. With this in mind, activities will be framed within three key project areas:

  • Attracting high quality and diverse candidates
  • Initial teacher education
  • Early years of teaching

This approach acknowledges the interconnected nature of the education profession and its pathways. A central component within each project area is respect for the specific nuances of schools across the Independent sector, including the needs of both regional and metropolitan schools, and schools of different sizes, philosophies and types.

Director of The Evidence Institute, Tiffany Roos.

Why is GANE important?

In recent times, the Australian education sector (including Independent schools) has experienced significant challenges with attracting and retaining staff, even prior to Covid-19. There has been a reduction in teacher education graduates (Australian Government, 2021), and a 49% attrition of teachers from the profession expected nationally within the next five years (AITSL, 2021). In NSW, a recent analysis of the teacher workforce shows that only 35% intend to stay in the profession until retirement. Coupled with a 10% increase in enrolments across NSW Independent schools over the past five years and ongoing growth projected to follow this trend, the need for teachers in the sector continues to expand rapidly.

This set of circumstances has generated a range of issues including a critical supply shortage for short and long-term staffing in schools. There are many factors that amplify these challenges including wellbeing and the status of the profession (Department of Education, Skills and Employment. 2021). Growing and Nurturing Educators will address key elements contributing to this complex narrative and offer a range of strategies that will enable the Independent sector to respond.

Senior Research Specialist at The Evidence Institute, Dr Rachel Perry.

What will GANE achieve?

Across the three key project areas, GANE will strive to achieve a range of important outcomes that include:

  • More Independent school leavers and mid-career changers entering the education profession.
  • Greater numbers of high-quality, diverse graduates attracted to careers in Independent schools.
  • Greater awareness by teacher graduates of the unique contexts and nuances within the Independent school sector.
  • Higher numbers of initial teacher candidate placement and graduate opportunities within the Independent school sector.
  • Innovative models to support a more even distribution of skill sets as relevant to the needs of schools and their locations.

Led by The Evidence Institute, targeted projects will be developed in consultation with representatives from the Independent sector and a range of industry and academic partners.

How can I be involved?

In the coming months you will have the opportunity to attend the Growing and Nurturing Educators launch. Further details will be provided at this event where you will be able to learn more about how you can be involved in this exciting initiative. For more information about the GANE initiative, click here.

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