Community Cohesion:

Developing whole-school approaches to belonging, resilience and respect

The Community Cohesion project is designed to support Independent schools strengthen whole-school
approaches to belonging, resilience and respectful learning environments for all. 

Signs of a strong, cohesive school community include:

  • Strong intercultural capabilities that foster inclusion, and acceptance of difference.
  • Critical thinking and media literacy.
  • Every member feels valued and has a voice.
  • Celebrating our diverse communities.
  • Engaged families and strong connections to the local community.
  • Resilient communities that can work together for a positive future.

Community Cohesion in Action

School Principals Phil Roberts and Osman Karolia share their successful community cohesion programs video snippet.

AISNSW Creating Cohesive Communities Podcast

Led by the AISNSW Community Cohesion Project Team, this podcast series is designed to help independent schools enhance their understanding of programs, research, practical strategies, and current best practice to help navigate how to live, learn and thrive together in harmony.
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Professional Learning

AISNSW can deliver bespoke PL sessions to schools. These include:
• Respectful Conversations: Strategies to Foster Respectful Dialogue in the Classroom
• My Inclusive Classroom: Whole-school approach to Enhancing Belonging, Resilience, and Respect
• Intercultural Understanding: Recognising Diversity and Enhancing Belonging
• The Rise of Disinformation: Critical Thinking Strategies for the Classroom


AISNSW Community Cohesion team have produced seven online Professional Learning modules to help schools develop more cohesive communities and enhance belonging and resilience. The modules are available to all Independent schools at no charge. These are:

We wish to acknowledge and thank the support of the following participating schools that assisted with the consultation of Community Cohesion online PL (in alphabetical order): Al Faisal College - Safia Khan Hassanein, Emmanuel Anglican College - Amanda Middleton, Mountain View Adventist College - Amelia Qiosese.

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Julia Gyomber
Manager: Community Cohesion
Abby Holz
Consultant: Community Cohesion


Funding for this project has been provided by the NSW Department of Education