AISNSW English Conference 2021

Putting the Pieces Together  

This Conference will focus on exploring the ever-evolving hybridity of English. We will explore English conceptually as a puzzle and consider how teachers are tasked with integrating its multiple pieces.

We will evaluate and review the overall picture of the 7-12 English jigsaw with workshops designed to provide scope to examine the key pieces of this syllabus puzzle and how we might fit them seamlessly together to create a cohesive picture of English today. But given the lessons learned during 2020, we will also reflect on the different modes of delivery for the pieces of our puzzle that were designed and effectively implemented for remote and online learning; such hybrid forms of teaching are even more pertinent in 2021 and now add additional pieces to the puzzle for teachers to assemble.

Watch: Keynote Speaker Dr Janet Dutton

Conference program

Explore the full conference program, including keynote speaker and workshop sessions.
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