AISNSW English Conference 2023

Decisions and Revisions

Writers make many decisions each time they create a text, and writers are constantly revising and editing, making decisions from one draft to the next. The discipline of English informs our exploration of writers' choices and their impact on the text, the reader, and beyond. English teachers also make many decisions each time they design, teach and evaluate learning experiences. Teachers make decisions about syllabus outcomes, content, texts, skills, knowledge, pedagogy, activities and assessment. Teacher expertise, knowledge and skill inform decisions from moment-to-moment and day-to-day, and the revisions made from year-to year.

As we experience the NSW Curriculum Reform, and we plan for the teaching of new syllabuses, let’s take time to examine the decisions and revisions that are made to ensure student success in school and beyond.

Join poet and academic, Sarah Holland-Batt, along with fellow English teachers for a thought-provoking conference exploring the discipline of English.

Conference program

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