AISNSW Geography Conference 2024

Reimagining Geographical Landscapes – Investigating Alternative Futures

The AISNSW Geography Conference will have a primary focus on the delivery and assessment of the new Geography Stage 6 Syllabus. This conference aims to empower Geography educators to instil a profound sense of curiosity in students about the intricate tapestry of our world's places, environments, and cultures and the importance of embedding sustainability. 

This professional learning will explore strategies to empower your students to engage deeply with the educative intent of the syllabus to delve into real-world geographical problems through solutions-focused inquiry, Throughout this event, you will gain access to fresh pedagogical ideas that can invigorate your classroom practice, particularly in the realm of fieldwork. 

You will also discover innovative approaches to designing assessment that challenges students committed to sustainable practices and a better future for our planet. This year's AISNSW Geography Conference will also equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to inspire your students, spark their curiosity, and prepare them to become geographically literate and informed citizens.

This professional learning experience meets the criteria for NESA Accredited PD in the Priority Area of Delivery and Assessment of the NSW Curriculum.