AISNSW History Conference 2023

Expanding Horizons: Milestones of History

This event will focus on expanding the horizons of History educators in teaching the discipline of History. The 2023 History Conference will support teachers by focusing on fresh approaches designed to enhance teaching and learning across the Mandatory and Elective History courses in Stages 4 and 5, and Ancient and Modern History in Stage 6. 

During the Conference, delegates will consider a variety of strategies to inform the design of high-fidelity assessment including how to provide effective feedback as well as how to get the most out of high-potential learners. A range of workshop sessions by well regarded classroom practitioners will explore some lesser-taught topics in the Preliminary and HSC Courses for both Ancient and Modern History, with a view to inspiring colleagues to diversify the topics taught at their school. 

Experienced HSC Senior Markers will provide valuable feedback on the 2022 Ancient and Modern History Examinations in a discussion-based forum. Our keynote speaker is a giant of the profession, Emerita Professor Grace Karskens and will discuss the Frontier Wars - a topic that is generating significant debate in the media.

This professional learning experience meets the criteria for NESA Accredited PD in the Priority Area of Delivery and Assessment of NSW Curriculum.

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