AISNSW History Extension Symposium 2024

Rewriting History - Historiographical Shifts and Legacies

Join us at this year's annual AISNSW History Extension Symposium designed exclusively for teachers of History Extension. This enriching event will delve into the dynamic world of historiography, where the past is continually re-examined and re-interpreted. 

Explore the ways in which historians shape our understanding of history, and learn about the enduring legacies they leave behind. Through engaging discussions and presentations, you'll gain valuable insights into the evolving perspectives on historical events, figures, and narratives. 

Discover how these shifts in historical interpretation can enhance your teaching, allowing you to inspire your students with a more nuanced and critical understanding of the past. Whether you're a seasoned history educator or just beginning your teaching journey, this symposium offers a unique opportunity to connect with fellow educators, exchange ideas, and develop strategies to navigate the ever-changing landscape of historiography in the classroom.

This professional learning experience meets the criteria for NESA Accredited PD in the Priority Area of Delivery and Assessment of NSW Curriculum.

2024 Program

The 2024 AISNSW History Extension Symposium Program, including all keynote and workshop sessions, will be available soon.
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