School Improvement Conference 2024

Mapping Strengths, Bridging Gaps: The Road to School Improvement

School improvement is difficult and change takes time. Now more than ever we need to know what practices are worth investing in. 

We need to make sure they foster improvement for learners and we want to make sure they stick. Being ready for change and understanding your people is crucial.

This Conference will allow educational leaders to:

  1. explore the latest effective educational practices with Dr Jenny Donovan from the Australian Educational Research Organisation [AERO],
  2. map your strengths and identify next steps in relation to these effective practices,
  3. understand the most impactful change management process and practices, with world leaders in the field, PROSCi
  4. assess your strengths and identify next steps to successfully lead your people through change
  5. hear from principal colleagues leading effective change.

The Conference is designed for educators leading change at a school or departmental level.