AISNSW Science Conference 2019: Infinity and Beyond

The 2019 Science Conference will focus on moving beyond the implementation of new syllabuses and will explore effective classroom practice with a range of hands-on workshops for teachers.

This year's keynote presenter is Dr. William Jorgensen, who will be examining with us the complexities in targeting the brain and an overview of CNS drug discovery. We invite you to watch the video beside to learn more about the initiative he has been involved in. Don't miss out on a range of thought-provoking keynote and plenary presentations from experts at the forefront of revolutionary scientific practices. 

Watch: Drug Discovery Initiative 

2019 Feature Workshop Sessions:

Scientific Modelling

Mora Soliman, 
MLC School

Visualising Data

Johno Pugh, 
Oxford Falls Grammar School

Practical ideas for Biology

Jeanette Tran,
STEAM Reactor

Practical ideas for Physics 
and Chemistry

Dr Col Harrison. Pittwater House

New venue for 2019

Location: MLC School,
Rowley Street, Burwood, Sydney
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