AISNSW Studies of Religion Conference 

The World Around Us – Religious Expression in a Global Community

Religious literacy has never been more important to understand the world around us. Today religion has a significant influence on individuals and societies across the globe, informing significant world events and the everyday living of people’s lives.

In today's modern world, gaining a profound understanding of various global religions is essential for fostering cultural awareness, respectful dialogue, and reconciliation. This holds particularly true within the Australian context, where the need for interfaith understanding is paramount. This year's Studies of Religion Conference is dedicated to the exploration of religious expression in Australia and its role in the broader global community. 

The conference will underscore how the Stage 6 Studies of Religion curriculum empowers students to recognise the unique integrity of each religious tradition and appreciate their contributions to a harmonious society. Emphasising the development of students' analytical skills, independent research capabilities, collaborative aptitude, and effective communication, the conference aims to equip educators with the tools to impart this crucial knowledge and capabilities.

This professional learning experience meets the criteria for NESA Accredited PD in the Priority Area and Delivery and Assessment of the NSW Curriculum.

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