AISNSW Teacher Librarian Conference 2023

The Innovative Teacher Librarian

The future is now! As we come to the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, many of us might be thinking – Why are we still talking about the twenty-first-century classroom” and the “twenty-first-century school library”?

The work of Teacher Librarians has never been more important! This professional learning event will inspire you to harness the true potential of Teacher Librarians to foster and drive innovation. The AISNSW Teacher Librarian Conference 2023 at the State Library of New South Wales will focus on the vital role of Teacher Librarians and how they can embrace innovation to support teaching and learning as part of a responsive and dynamic learning organisation.

This day will explore Future Ready Libraries, and how they may already be Future Ready, or if not, what can be done to facilitate continuous improvement to deepen learning. This event will also look at ways Teacher Librarians can resource the new curriculum being rolled out by NESA, how to co-design units, and how to collaborate effectively with faculties. Participants will hear stories of success and the unique learning journeys that colleagues have been on in transforming teaching and learning within their respective schools.

This professional learning aligns with the NESA list of approved Elective PD activities/courses.