AISNSW Teacher Librarian Conference 2024

Optimising Learning - Harnessing Technology in the School Library

The future is now! In her article, Are librarians the next prompt engineers?, Laura Solomon states, “...librarians are actually situated to be…well…good at this. Maybe we don’t call ourselves “prompt engineers,” but creating the optimal search parameters are something we often excel at.”

The modern school library has transformed into a hub of digital resources, information literacy, and knowledge acquisition. As generative artificial intelligence continues to reshape the way students learn and educators teach, the role of teacher librarians becomes increasingly intertwined with the possibilities and challenges presented by AI.

Our conference delves into this intersection, exploring the profound impact of generative AI within the school library context. We will examine how AI can augment the abilities of teacher librarians and empower them to guide students through the digital age effectively, by looking at the ethical implications of AI in education and discover strategies for promoting digital citizenship and responsible AI usage.

This professional learning aligns with the NESA list of approved Elective PD activities/courses.