2024 Teaching School Learning Forum

Vision to Reality

In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of alternative pathways for teacher education, reflecting the dynamic nature of today's evolving educational landscape.

Share and learn alongside dynamic educators, leaders, academics, and those engaged in tertiary education degrees. Together, we will investigate a range of topics designed to ignite your imagination and spark transformative conversations.

The 2024 Teaching School Learning Forum will focus on vision, reality and creating a connection between these. By attending, you will consider the role and impact of the growing Teaching School movement as we continue to navigate the course of possibilities for supporting those learning to be teachers, including:

  • the scope, style, and range of teaching school models emerging nationally and internationally
  • innovative approaches and practices that will shape the future of education
  • approaches being adopted to reimagine and strengthen partnerships for enhanced professional experience
  • practical implications of employment-based pathways for schools, including how to empower early educators to thrive in real-world settings while gaining invaluable experience
  • the use of mentoring in schools to shape the future of education and empower the next generation of teachers.

This event aims to push boundaries, stimulate innovative thinking, and provoke new conceptions about growing and nurturing educators. It will integrate the theoretical with the practical, providing you with not only the vision but also valuable insights to shape the reality of your school’s education journey. As a delegate, you will also have the opportunity to engage in a targeted Masterclass tailored to your role and interest area.

2024 Keynote

Associate Professor Tony Loughland

Tony Loughland is an Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School (Research) in the School of Education at the University of New South Wales. Prior to this appointment, he was the Director of Professional Experience in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. 

Tony is an experienced educator who likes to think that theory should be the plaything of practice. He is currently leading projects on mentoring conversations on professional experience, the role of job demands and resources on the job intentions of graduate teachers and professional growth cultures in schools

In his keynote, Tony will reflect on the opportunities provided by professional experience in initial teacher education and draw on his extensive knowledge and research that shape the current landscape. 

This includes the role of Mentor Teachers or supervisors, connection with the traditions of work-integrated learning, and more specifically the increasing visibility and uptake of the teaching school hubs models for preparing future teaching workforces.