A Learning Design Approach

Learning on demand, for the modern school professional.

The AISNSW provides short professional learning experiences that are delivered virtually; or as self-paced modules; as blended learning experiences and in webinars for the convenience of schools and their staff. Many of these courses provide NESA Registered professional development hours. Developed in consultation with subject matter experts, our courses are designed specifically for Australian educators and their school communities.

AISNSW Learning App: The Neuroscience of Leading and Learning

What if professional learning could be delivered in only a few minutes but was so potent it could change the way you think, feel, lead? AISNSW announces an exciting new learning opportunity for teachers and leaders.
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Hear from Kelly Borg, AISNSW Head of Teaching and Learning.

AISNSW Learning App: The Neuroscience of Learning and Leading allows you to complete accredited micro-lessons on the go, that draw on the theories of the neuroscience of leading, emotional intelligence and transformation.

Designed by teachers for teachers, it provides powerful learning which will prepare you to be a successful leader of change.  

The learning is in your hands, in your time, space and pace.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Busy professionals require current and relevant professional learning that can be accessed at a time that best suits their individual schedule. Our catalogue of over seventy courses can be accessed at any time by logging into the AISNSW website. Individual courses can be completed in a single sitting or over multiple sessions depending on your needs.
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Learn as a school

School leaders can bulk register their staff into an online course, providing a common learning experience to support specific priorities for staff development. Our reporting feature provides up to date completion statistics that school leaders can access at any time.
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Planning and Programming: NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum English K-6

“I thought this course was brilliant. I loved all the practical examples which can be immediately used in the classroom.”

- Teacher

Personalised Learning Processes

“This was indeed a great online module covering all important aspects that are relevant and meaningful in a very appropriate way. Couldn't ask for anything better. “

- Board Member

Familiarisation: NSWPDHPE K-10 Syllabus

“I felt that the delivery of information on this module was fantastic. The videos were short and engaging, full of summarised information. The links were easy to navigate and were relevant to what was being discussed.“

- Teacher