Principals and business managers can gain the knowledge and skills needed to reduce the risks involved in large scale school building projects.

Over the next few years, many schools will start planning for the construction of new buildings as well as the enhancement of existing facilities to absorb the increasing demand for enrolment places.

Business managers and principals may not have gone through this process and their school boards may not have the requisite skills to reduce the risks involved with large scale capital projects. The Managing School Construction Projects seminar addresses many of the practical considerations that will follow on from the design process. 

In the two day course, participants will be free to bring forward specific issues to subject matter experts on topics such as: master planning, funding and financing, Councils (DA, SEPPs, JRPP and SSP), project management, sustainability, active and passive measures, facility life cycle planning, materials and construction method selection (modular vs bricks and mortar), tips and tricks (panel) and construction contracts.

Topics covered include:

  • developing an effective facility master plan
  • determining the best construction delivery method for your project
  • overview of the ESEPP and what is the best approvals path for your project, from State Significant Development to Complying Development
  • latest trends on acoustics, ventilation and lighting
  • tenders and contracts
  • quantity surveying
  • updates on Private Certification
  • what does your builder want you to know
  • school security.

Date: 8 - 9 October 2019

Venue: AISNSW, 99 York Street, Sydney

Registration: Please see here for details.