Schools and educators shape young minds and prepare them for their future. One effective way we can ensure the continuity of quality education is by encouraging students in independent schools to consider teaching as a rewarding career path.

To support our commitment to Growing and Nurturing Educators, The Evidence Institute is pleased to share Career Advice: Becoming a Teacher. This infographic aims to empower individuals interested in pursuing a career in education by offering practical advice and shedding light on what a pathway into teaching involves. It explores the various degrees available, outlines university entry requirements, and emphasises the significance of the teaching profession. This guide is intended for students who may be considering a career in education, as well as those who may not have contemplated this as an opportunity before.

Encouraging your students to consider teaching as a career is not only an investment in their own futures but also a commitment to the improvement of education overall. Practically, it can play a role in overcoming the current shortage of teachers that all education sectors are experiencing. By highlighting the positive impact they can have, and outlining the personal growth opportunities teaching offers, we can inspire students to consider a career in our profession.

Let’s work together to cultivate a new generation of dedicated and passionate teachers who will shape the world through education.