The Growing and Nurturing Educators (GANE) initiative led by The Evidence Institute is designed to deliver innovative and evidence-based projects that grow and nurture education professionals. Our goal is to attract future generations of capable and diverse teachers to the independent school sector. In August 2022, we asked over 160 educators to share their insights about working in the independent sector to enable us to better understand the characteristics of independent school educators.

View the Growing and Nurturing Educators Teachers Roundtable infographic here.

"We bring to life the values and philosophy of our school. It is unique and diverse." -  Participant Educator.

Characteristics and attributes of educators 

Participants described educators as:

  • having personal values that align with the school’s ethos and mission
  • being willing to go the extra mile for their students
  • valuing the autonomy of their craft
  • having a strong belief in their school community
  • being an all-rounder.

They used a range of adjectives to describe the unique characteristics and attributes of educators. These included passionate, willing, professional, hardworking, flexible, resilient, highly skilled, innovative, collaborative, and reflective.

"Opportunity for career development and initiating projects." - Participant Educator.

Teaching in the independent sector

Seven key themes emerged through the insights shared:

  • community and culture
  • shared values
  • resources
  • teacher support
  • professional learning opportunities
  • autonomy
  • faith.

Flexibility, career growth and job stability were identified as key characteristics of teaching in the independent sector. Pressure points such as heightened parental expectations were raised.

"We have more flexibility to allow us to meet the needs of our students. We can more freely adapt programs and learning materials to suit individual students, meeting not only their academic needs but also their emotional and social needs." - Participant Educator.

More information about the Growing and Nurturing Educators (GANE) initiative can be viewed here. 

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