Principal Induction Program

Supports new Principals to navigate their school community through a dynamic, diverse, and complex context. You will be supported to meet the significant opportunities and challenges encountered in your first three years while sustaining yourself in the role. This 10-day program is interspersed with online touchpoints in between. You will also be supported by a coach who is a current and experienced school principal.


  • Days 1, 2 (face-to-face): 4 & 5 March
  • Days 3, 4 (online 9am-1pm): 23 & 24 March
  • Days 5, 6 (face-to-face): 29 & 30 April 
  • Days 7, 8 (online 9am-1pm): 19 & 20 May
  • Days 9, 10 (face-to-face): 1 & 2 June

What's Involved?

At a glance:

  • Ten days spaced across six months
  • The Clifton Strengths Finder Survey and debrief session
  • Allocation of a leadership coach who is a current and experienced Principal
  • Aligned to the Australian Professional Standard for Principals

Principals Topics:

  • Your role as Principal, your leadership purpose and vision
  • Current and emerging issues for independent schools
  • Developing self and building the leadership capacity of others
  • Leading the management of your school - governance, financial, risk and legal issues.
  • Leading learning through identifying and planning high quality teaching and learning
  • Leading improvement, innovation and change - culture and context
  • Investigating the adaptive leadership framework
  • Engaging and working with the community - media and reputation management

Program Session Dates

  • Day 1 (face-to-face) - 4th March 2021
    Developing Self and Others

  • Day 2 (face-to-face) - 5th March 2021
    Leading the Management of the School
    Developing Self and Others

  • Day 3 (online) - 23rd March 2021
    Developing Self and Others

  • Day 4 (online) - 24th March 2021
    Leading Improvement, Innovation and Change

  • Day 5 (face-to-face) - 29th April 2021
    Leading the Management of the school
  • Day 6 (face-to-face) - 30th April 2021
    Leading Teaching and Learning

  • Day 7 (online) - 19th May 2021
    Leading the Management of the School

  • Day 8 (online) - 20th June 2021
    Developing Self and Others

  • Day 9 (face-to-face) - 1st June 2021
    Leading the Management of the School
    Developing Self and Others

  • Day 10 (face-to-face) - 2nd June 2021
    Leading the Management of the School
    Engaging and Working with the Community

What do participants say?

Fiona Johnston

St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, WA

The opportunities to learn and grow, both professionally and personally, through the AIS Principal Induction Program have been exceptional and overwhelmingly rewarding.

Having completed both the AIS Flagship Program and most recently the Principal Induction Program, I feel empowered, supported and ready to embrace new adventures in my new role as Principal of St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls in Perth.

Simon Herd

Medowie Christian School, NSW

The AIS Leadership Centre provides new Principals with world class learning in the Principal Induction Program. The opportunity to learn with a diverse range of new Principals fosters friendship, rich discussion, and the opportunity to share practical school based scenarios.

Having completed an MBA and two other Masters degrees, I found the quality of the presenters outstanding in challenging us to think beyond the immediate and to develop a growth mindset. To position new principals to lead with conviction into the future, I highly recommend this program.

Ian Hewitt

Trinity Christian School, ACT

The Principal Induction Program was about the rich content and the journey with others in this new and often lonely role for the first time. Principals come with a range of professional backgrounds and experience. To be able to gain further knowledge and insight across such a diverse range of topics over the course of the year was invaluable in filling in some of those gaps, as well as sharing experiences with others.

The coaching was affirming and assisted me to work through the range of challenges which new principals face with the reassurance that we do have the capacity and expertise to lead our schools. 

Craig Randazzo

Skillset Senior College, NSW

The program was conveniently scheduled to suit our very full diaries, and provided essential information, support and networking opportunities that I know will have a lasting and significant positive impact.

I also appreciated the informal culture that developed over time that allowed individuals to build trust within the group, which allowed highly authentic exchanges and rich learning from the field. In my view the PIP is a must for all new school Principals to ensure they are across all the essential elements of such a high stakes role.

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)
Elective PD

Completing The AIS Leadership Centre Principal Induction Program will contribute 50 hours of Elective PD addressing 6.1.4 and 6.3.4 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Lead Teacher Accreditation in NSW.