Connect Around Data – Continuous Reporting

AISNSW on behalf of the Data Network Group would like to invite you to join us for an afternoon of learning and networking.

The use of continuous reporting, or progressive/ongoing feedback, is gaining prominence across schools, but what is best practice and how does it really look and feel in a school? This is an important question for those at any stage on their continuous reporting journey.

There are many benefits to such a model including its ability to provide timely feedback and reduce the bottleneck created by semester-based reporting. As this reporting is enabled through electronic platforms, rubrics and other related documentation also become visible to learners, parents and other staff where needed.

Gaining an understanding of best practice is essential for those at all stages of their continuous reporting journey. As each school is unique, it is also important to hear the stories of educators and leaders from a range of schools and this is where networks become powerful vehicles for authentic sharing of knowledge and practice.  

About The Data Network

The Data Network was formed in 2017 by a group of educators working with data in several independent schools in Sydney. It grew quickly, with members reaching out to colleagues in other schools doing similar work. The purpose of the Data Network is to provide professional learning and informal support for educators working on using data to inform and improve students’ learning and wellbeing outcomes in their schools. The Data Network draws on the experience and expertise of its members to present to the group on their work as well as inviting outside presenters to speak on occasion.