Planning for the New School Site

New schools are generally considered a State Significant Development

All new schools are generally considered to be a development of state significance under the State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011 (SEPP) legislation.

A State Significant Development (SSD) application will need to be lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment.

Commonly an SSD application can take up to twenty-four months from lodgement with the Department of Planning and Environment to approval. When planning a new school, this time frame needs to be considered.

Construction of a new school or modifications to an existing building cannot commence until the SSD is approved.

Can an application for initial registration be approved by NESA before building works are completed?

In order to be granted initial registration, a proposed new school must provide evidence of development planning approval to operate a school at the proposed school site.

A proposed new school may undertake any necessary building works after initial registration is granted.

Prior to the opening of the new school, NESA must receive any outstanding documentation to demonstrate that the new school meets all requirements for premises and buildings, such as evidence of an Occupation Certificate.