Other information for CRICOS providers

Fees for CRICOS and ELICOS approval

There are NESA and Australian Government fees for becoming and maintaining a CRICOS school.

NESA charges fees for an application for approval for CRICOS and ELICOS, as well as an annual fee, which is calculated on the approved capacity for enrolling overseas students.

All CRICOS registered providers are also required to pay fees to the Australian Government. From 1 January 2022, there were changes Australian Government charges, which now include:

  • a Schools Initial Registration Charge (which replaced the initial Entry to Market Change (EMC))
  • a Schools Renewal Registration Charge (a newly introduced fee)
  • a CRICOS Annual Registration Charge (modifying the past Annual Registration Charge (ARC)) and
  • an annual Tuition Protection Service (TPS) Levy.

Using Education Agents

School CRICOS providers using education agents may wish to access reports on individual agents. These reports are available via PRISMS and are based on student enrolment outcomes achieved by the providers’ agents. Further information from is available here. Before schools are able to access these reports, they will need to ensure that:

  • they have taken appropriate steps to notify their agents as required by the Australian Privacy Principles OR
  • they have updated their international education agent agreements to include an appropriate privacy clause.

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