Registered exchange programs

Official student exchange programs in NSW are operated by registered not-for-profit exchange organisations, including some independent schools. Registered organisations are approved by the NSW Department of Education and listed on their website here.

Registered student exchange organisations manage school placements. School availability is at the discretion of the school principal.

Students involved in registered exchange programs may enrol in a NSW school for a period ranging from three months (or one school term) to one year.

Registered exchange organisations are responsible for the welfare of their exchange students. Schools hosting exchange students continue to have a duty of care as for all their students, however the final responsibility for welfare and accommodation remains with the registered exchange organisation.

Students on a registered exchange need an AASES (Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student) form in order to apply for a 500 subclass visa for their exchange program. Any student on a 500 subclass visa who has an AASES form is an official exchange student and not considered a CRICOS student.

These students can be enrolled in any school and are not limited to CRICOS schools.

 The way in which a registered exchange student is reported in Census (if at all) is dependent on the student’s length of study.

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