School Counselling

A key feature of independent schools is that they not only seek to provide high quality academic programs but also place a considerable emphasis on the overall mental health and wellbeing of the students enrolled. Consequently, they have highly developed wellbeing and student support programs designed to cater for a wide range of issues that may affect students. Counsellors collaborate with other professional staff to ensure the school provides effective whole-school wellbeing and play a valuable role in the school’s ability to exercise its duty of care, and protection from legal liability.

Guidance Documents

To assist school leaders with facilitating the effective operation of school counselling, a range of guidance documents are currently under development. These documents will include information related to consent and storage of documentation, policies and procedures, as well as contractual considerations.

As we continue to develop more resources, they will be added to this webpage. For further information, please contact Jacqui Rainey, Student Services Consultant & Clinical Psychologist.

AISNSW Student Services

If you have any further questions, please contact the AISNSW Student Services Team on 9299 2845.

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Guidance for School Principals and School Counselling Staff on the Collection, Storage and Disclosure of Students’ Personal Information

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Includes information about:

  • Informed Consent
  • Security of Information
  • Privacy Laws

Professional Associations for
School Counsellors

Professional Associations for School Counsellors provide guidance in a range of areas including:

  • Ethical Guidelines
  • Code of Ethics/ Conduct
  • Practice Guides & Resources
  • Professional Development & Advice

AISNSW School Counsellors' Network Group

AISNSW facilitates regular counsellor network meetings in Week 5 each term. These meetings are specifically designed to support School Counsellors in their work in independent schools by providing an opportunity for them to connect with each other and share input across a range of pertinent topics.

Counsellors from NSW independent schools interested in being part of this group can contact Fabienne Arora, Student Services Consultant & Psychologist or Sam Kourakis, Professional Services Consultant for more information.

School Counselling Support Grants

In October 2020, AISNSW, with the assistance of the Commonwealth Government, provided short-term grants to 45 schools to facilitate immediate counselling support to address the mental health of their students. The schools’ located major geographic ‘risk areas’ for mental health in regional NSW, have benefitted from increasing their counselling services. As part of this first cohort of grants, AISNSW distributed $2.7 million to schools.

In May 2021, AISNSW will distribute up to $2.4 million to schools as part of a second cohort of counselling grants.

There are three options for schools when submitting an application:

  • Satellite application
    An arrangement between two schools, with the larger of the two acting as a “base school” from which the counsellor can service a smaller satellite school.  
  • Cluster application
    An arrangement for 3-5 schools within close proximity of each other.
  • Independent application
    For a school with a significant individual need.

All applications will be assessed by a committee consisting of external members with relevant experience and expertise in mental health.

Further information about the School Counselling Support Grants is available in the Guidelines along with a link to the application form. (Principal login required to access)

Applications must be lodged by Friday 14 May 2021. It is expected schools will be notified of the outcome within 2-3 weeks of the closing date.

Questions regarding the application process can be directed to Dan Kelly, Policy and Compliance Consultant.

AISNSW School Counsellors' Conference

The 2022 School Counsellors' Conference is the premier event for School Counsellors in independent schools across NSW - 26 & 27 May, 2022.
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