Technology Consultative Group

The Technology Consultative Group (TCG) is a group representing Independent Schools across NSW in relation to matters of strategic importance in this sector. Members of the group seek to raise matters affecting the independent school community and work collaboratively within and beyond the group to find solutions to medium/long-term ICT issues which can be broken down into five strategic intent groups.

In 2024 TCG focus and membership includes:


The Technology Consultative Group (TCG) consists of technology leaders who engage with matters of strategic importance to leading and managing technology in independent schools


TCG membership is voluntary and determined by a ‘call for volunteers’ process administered by AISNSW annually. The group consists of a Chair (AISNSW) and co-chair (Member School) along with 15 technology leaders from representative member schools. The group is representative of all school sizes, locations, affiliations and gender. Members are encouraged to participate for at least two school years. To ensure cross-coverage membership includes the current chair of the AISNSW ICT Management & Leadership Conference

2024 Technology Consultative Group Members

Mr Maurice Cummins (Chair)AISNSW
Mr Chris Baroni (Co-Chair)International Grammar School
Mr James Stewart (Conference Chair)Barker College
Mr Marcus Claxton
Mr Graeme KachelAISNSW
Mrs Eu-Gene HarpurTrinity Grammar School
Mr Nkem EzeanataShearwater Steiner School
Mr Tahir Siddique
Australian Islamic College of Sydney
Mr Steven SwartsMLC School, Burwood
Mr Michael GargouraSt Vincent’s College
Mr Chris WoldhuisAISNSW
Mr Anton KrausOakhill College
Mr Justin DwyerMaitland Christian School
Mr Mark Sullivan
Mr Issam IbrahimMinarah College
Mr Myles CarrickKnox Grammar School