Courageously Navigating Hard Conversations for Teams

Target audience: Can be tailored for any leadership team.

This mastery program can be delivered either online or face to face as a half day, full day or bespoke timing to suit your needs. Participants will develop their skills to courageously navigate the tough conversations required to progress the work, whilst maintaining and building trusting relationships. Using an established framework of values and behaviours, the program also leverages the skills and ways of being of coaching to enrich the dialogue and improve outcomes.


  • Introduction to the ‘Open-to-learning Conversations’ model
  • Immediate practical application of the model
  • The purpose of feedback and how it is received
  • Discerning between a coaching-style and a mentoring-style
  • Transferring the model to team meetings and other contexts.

Drawing on the ‘Open-to-learning Conversations’ framework and coaching approaches, this supportive environment will give you the courage to have the difficult conversations without sacrificing relationships.