Leading from the Middle

Develops the confidence, capabilities and vision required for middle leaders to powerfully lead the learning and growth of students and staff in their area of responsibility.

Over the 5 days of the program, middle leaders experience personal growth in the inner and outer journeys of leadership and with support, apply this learning to practice in their own contexts. Their leadership learning is realised through the development and progression of a specific target that is aligned to the strategic goals of the school.

Through intentionally designed collaborative inquiry and reflection, middle leaders share responsibility and mutual accountability to the work and to each other.

At a glance:

  • 5 days face-to-face formal learning over four terms; two consecutive days and three single days all facilitated by the AIS Leadership Centre
  • Pre-reading on leadership theory
  • Application of learning in between sessions
  • Sustained leadership of a strategic change initiative
  • Individual and collaborative experiences
  • Poster presentation of learning to an invited audience on Day 5.


  • Leading with purpose and vision
  • Understanding self and the team
  • Developing a leadership philosophy
  • Strategic alignment; self, team and school
  • Change knowledge
  • Leading a strategic change initiative
  • Professional conversations; tackling the tough stuff.

Leading from the Middle

Research Report

Over the past two years esteemed international academic, Professor Christopher Day (University of Nottingham) and colleague, Dr Christine Grice (University of Sydney) have investigated the personal and organisational outcomes of the AIS Leadership Centre’s Leading from the Middle program.

Professor Day and Dr Grice’s new report provides significant insight and motivation to school executives keen to maximise the capabilities of their middle leadership to lead strategic change and create ongoing school improvement.

The AIS Leadership Centre

For further information please contact the AISNSW Leadership Centre.