Courageously Navigating Hard Conversations

Develops your skills to courageously navigate the tough conversations required to progress the work, whilst maintaining and building trusting relationships. This 1-day mastery program, established on a framework of values and behaviours, also leverages the skills and ways of being of coaching to enrich the dialogue and improvement outcomes.

8 November

Courageously Navigating Hard Conversations Online

A highly interactive online version of the program described, across two half days.

7 May and 11 June
9.00am - 1.00pm

Member: $440
Non-Member: $880


  • Introduction to the ‘Open-to-learning Conversations’ model
  • Immediate practical application of the model
  • The purpose of feedback and how it is received
  • Discerning between a coaching-style and a mentoring-style
  • Transferring the model to team meetings and other contexts.

Drawing on the ‘Open-to-learning Conversations’ framework and coaching approaches, this supportive environment will give you the courage to have the difficult conversations without sacrificing relationships.