Senior Leaders

Strengthens your capability to navigate leadership at the whole school level and courageously lead your teams into the future. To maintain the high trust learning network, this 4-day program is followed by a 1 hour learning touchpoint.

9, 10 March and 11, 12 May

Senior Leaders Online

A highly interactive online version of the program described, across six half days.

2, 3 and 26, 27 August and 18, 19 October
9.00am - 1.00pm

Member: $1,530
Non-Member: $3,060

What's Involved?

At a glance:

  • Four days across a semester
  • Pre-readings for discussion and reflection
  • In-school leadership of a strategic change initiative between Day 2 and Day 3
  • Reflection on leading your change initiative
  • Networking.


  • Leadership for the contemporary educational context
  • Purpose and vision: aligning self and school
  • Strategy and change
  • Developing and enacting a theory of change
  • Harnessing the diverse thinking of your team
  • Ten minute coaching
  • The current operating environment for schools
  • Fiscal responsibilities
  • Legal matters
  • Critical incident management.