Live Life Well @ School is a school-based program that aims to enhance teachers’ knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching nutrition and physical activity both as part of the K-6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) syllabus and through school wellbeing time.

Live Life Well @ School utilises a whole-school approach consistent with school policies and classroom teaching while also encouraging community links.

Live Life Well @ School encourages and supports schools to adopt a range of 'Desirable Practices' to promote healthy eating, physical activity and enhance students' movement skills.

The AISNSW has an agreement with NSW Health to promote healthy eating and physical activity through Live Life Well @ Schools to students in K-6 independent schools.

School Support

Live Life Well @ School aims to develop and deliver resources and professional learning opportunities for teachers and advocates for a whole-school approach to physical activity and healthy eating.

The AISNSW has a team of consultants who are available to assist with complimentary workshops, customised professional learning, self-paced online learning modules, courses, conferences and school-based projects.

Whole-School Projects

Funding opportunities with AISNSW consultancy support are offered each year for independent schools to conduct Student Wellbeing/PDHPE based projects that promote a sustainable and continuous commitment to student wellbeing through embedded programs or activities.

Please contact Katrina Mostyn or Nicky Sloss for more details about these Funding opportunities.

Professional Learning

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