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This site compares Australian universities based on students’ experiences

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Course Seeker

This site provides compares university courses throughout Australia

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My Skills

A national directory of vocational education and training (VET) organisations and courses

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Job Jumpstart

Provides useful information for finding and retaining a job

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Job Outlook

Provides information on jobs, skills, industries and their future prospects

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Labour Market Information

This portal brings together labour market information from a range of official sources providing key statistics on employment rates based on a number of variables.

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Job Access

Provides work opportunities for people with a disability

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Summer Skills Program
TVET Guide

Other Useful Websites

My Future

An interactive site where career plans can be developed and explored

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My Big Tomorrow

Developed by the University of Newcastle and funded by the Commonwealth government, this site is a multi-award winning career resource

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Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners
Skills Road

Provides a Career quiz, jobs board, job fit test, careers and apprenticeship information

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Australian VET Alumni Portal

This national register of Alumni provides a platform for VET graduates, registered training organisations and businesses to share their VET stories.

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100 Jobs of the Future
Climbing the jobs ladder slower: Young people in a weak labour market
Future of Work for Australian Graduates

The Changing Landscape of University - Employment Transitions in Australia

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NSW Curriculum Review
OECD Employment Outlook 2020
The Role of Parents and Carers in Providing Careers Guidance and How They Can be Better Supported – Evidence Report
Vocational Education and Training Review