School-Industry Partnerships

School-industry partnerships provide opportunities to extend and enrich the learning experiences of primary and secondary school teachers and students.

Partnership activities provide rich real world learning opportunities that spark curiosity, and  increase engagement by opening up a range of experiences, including real world learning projects, mentoring programs, immersion experiences, design sprints and think tanks, and teacher professional learning.

Partnerships can range from individual schools working with a local business, to regional economic development ecosystems involving multiple schools and industry partners.

Angela Schumacher
Education Consultant: Pathways and Partnerships

How We Work With Schools

AISNSW supports schools:
- To develop their Partnership Framework and Strategy
- To build connections and broker partnerships with potential partners
- To access and develop school-industry partnership resources, tools and opportunities.
For support or further information, please contact AISNSW Consultant Angela Schumacher.
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Framework for Establishing a School-Industry Partnership Program

Access Framework

Clarence-Coffs Independent Schools Career Hub

The Clarence-Coffs Independent Schools Career Hub program partners with employers in the Clarence and Coffs regions to ensure young people experience the world beyond school and are supported in transitions to further education and employment.
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The AISNSW Consultant provided structure and shared resources to assist our understanding of partnerships and guide our discussion. They led the sessions with appropriate evidence to support the development of our work."

- School Leader, Metropolitan School

"I just think it is really important to expose students to the variety of opportunities available to broaden their understanding of the spectrum of career pathways."

- Teacher, Regional School

"I learned new ways in approaching a business problem, identifying one's target audience, and methods of working towards finding and perfecting the business solution."

- Year 10 Student, Regional School