The latest versions of the AISNSW Guides for Teacher Accreditation Authority approvals now clarify changes in the November 2019 edition of NESA’s Proficient Teacher Accreditation Policy.

The two AISNSW advice documents – Teacher Accreditation Authorities, AISNSW Guide Part 1 (Information and Advice) and Part 2 (Templates and Drafts) may be downloaded from the Teacher Accreditation Authorities web page or through the “Resource Centre” section of the AISNSW website, using the key word “TAA” to start your search.

Clarifications included in the AISNSW guides include:

  • a clearer explanation of NESA’s two-stage accreditation process that distinguishes between making a 'judgement' and making a 'decision'.
  • a reminder to check for completion of an English Language Proficiency assessment (when required)
  • circumstances under which a returning teacher may apply to a school-based TAA for accreditation, or immediate re-accreditation
  • clarification of when a teacher must have taught for 160 days.

Please contact the Regulations and Programs team on (02) 9299 2845 for any matters around approval of a school-based TAA.