Teacher Accreditation Authorities (TAAs)

Until 29 November 2022 for the purpose of school registration, NESA currently requires “the school proprietor to ensure that the school has a teacher accreditation authority that has been approved under NESA’s TAA Guidelines” (section 3.2.1 of the Registered and Accredited individual Non-Government Schools (NSW) Manual).

This requirement can be met by the school operating its own TAA, a school-based TAA, or it may choose to have an external TAA by entering into an arrangement through a written agreement with another approved TAA that acts for one or more schools or early childhood education centres (ECECs).

Arrangements for having an approved TAA are noted on each school’s application for initial registration or renewal of school registration through RANGS Online.

Recent Changes to the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004

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Teacher Accreditation Authority Requirements

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Support for Member Schools

See a range of resources designed to support schools in relation to Teacher Accreditation Authority requirements.
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