Teacher Accreditation Authority - Support for Member Schools

AISNSW provides two support documents to assist school-based TAAs in the drafting of the documentation, policies and procedures required for TAA approval.

The Teacher Accreditation Authorities AISNSW Guide Part 1 (Information and Advice) provides explanatory information, references and worked examples to support schools in drafting their own documentation.

The Teacher Accreditation Authorities AISNSW Guide Part 2 (Templates and Drafts) includes templates for documenting TAA governance and organisational arrangements, as well as draft policies and procedures. When contextualised to individual circumstances, Part 2 (Templates and Drafts) may form the basis of a TAA handbook, which can be used as a resource at school level and may be useful for collating the documents required for NESA TAA approval. It is strongly recommended that schools using the Templates and Drafts also refer to requirements outlined in both the NESA TAA Guidelines and information provided in the AISNSW TAA Guide (Part 1).

While school-based TAAs may base their documentation on AISNSW templates and drafts, they should ensure that their policies and procedures reflect the real context of the TAA, describing the processes that actually occur, and should ensure consistency, where relevant, with the school’s (and/or ECEC’s) policies and procedures.

TAAs are also strongly advised to seek appropriate legal advice to confirm the suitability of their policies, including those based on drafts provided by AISNSW.

Please contact the AISNSW Regulation and Accreditation Portfolio on (02) 9299 2845 or email regulations@aisnsw.edu.au for further information or assistance about TAA regulatory matters, ISTAA or general teacher accreditation matters.

NOTE: From 29 November 2022, NESA will become the sole authority to make teacher accreditation decisions. At that point, the Guidelines for the Regulation of Teacher Accreditation Authorities for Non-government Schools and Early Childhood Centres will no longer apply. NESA has published further information about the changes here.

All TAAs will continue making accreditation decisions until 29 November 2022 in accordance with their policies and procedures. From this date, school-based TAAs will no longer exist and schools will no longer make accreditation decisions. Schools will continue to have a role in supporting teachers with accreditation.