Resources and Support for Member Schools

Following changes and updates to NESA’s teacher accreditation policies, AISNSW has:

Resources to support member schools to understand and implement NESA’s teacher accreditation policies

 AISNSW published the Sample Procedures for Teacher Accreditation in Independent Schools (NSW) to:

  • understand and implement NESA’s requirements for teacher accreditation
  • make the transition to NESA being the only Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA) in NSW for the mandatory, and some voluntary levels, of accreditation
  • meet the school registration requirement to have internal procedures for implementing NESA’s teacher accreditation policies.

They also include information about voluntary accreditation levels specific to the independent sector (e.g. Experienced Teacher accreditation) and include references to relevant aspects of the multi-enterprise agreements commonly used in independent schools.

The AISNSW Sample Procedures for Teacher Accreditation in Independent Schools (NSW) address all of the teacher accreditation requirements in NESA’s TA Manual for achieving and maintaining Proficient Teacher accreditation. They are updated when there are significant changes, such as in November 2023 when there were changes to the maintenance of accreditation process

Member schools can use them for their own internal procedures or to support updating existing procedures.

If a school bases their internal procedures on the AISNSW sample procedures, they should ensure that their final procedures reflect the reality of their context and practices.

Resource to support schools providing NESA accredited PD

NESA has a streamlined process for the accreditation of professional development courses developed by an independent school for delivery to teachers employed at the school.

An Independent school must sign-up first with NESA to have this capacity. A school can do this at any point in time as there is no end date for applications.

Schools can use the AISNSW Sample Procedures for NSW Independent Schools providing NESA Accredited Professional Development to help them:

  • assess the eligibility of each course to meet NESA’s requirements for accredited PD
  • meet NESA’s policies and procedures for NESA accredited PD under the streamlined process.