Proficient Teacher

From 29 November 2022, existing Teacher Accreditation Authorities (TAAs) will cease and NESA will be the sole teacher accreditation decision maker.

All schools will be required to have internal procedures to implement NESA policies for supporting the accreditation of teachers.

AISNSW consultants can continue to act as the Accreditation Supervisor for teachers in independent schools.

This service includes:

  • tailored support for individual teachers to develop practice and finalise their accreditation submission
  • a written report for the Principal to use in making their recommendation to NESA for each teacher.

Proficient Teacher Accreditation Service – Overview

AISNSW consultant allocated as Accreditation Supervisor for each teacher
Providing proactive and responsive guidance, advice and support to each teacher in all stages of the accreditation process.

AISNSW Proficient Teacher accreditation workshop
The workshop has two parts:

  1. Self-paced online course providing access to information and resources to support the teacher.
  2.  Customised in-school workshop with hands-on activities to develop teacher understanding of the accreditation requirements and process.

Evidence collection planning
Collaborative planning with the teacher for collecting evidence of practice over time.

Lesson observation and report
Lesson observation required for finalisation,including pre and post-observation conversations, feedback, and written observation report.

Evidence review and feedback
Written feedback and ongoing support for individual teachers as they collect evidence across all Standards.

Final evidence selection support
Assistance in the selection and annotation of 5-8 sets of evidence for submission to NESA.

Accreditation Supervisor declaration
Completion of the Accreditation Supervisor declaration in eTAMS.

Written report to Principal for NESA recommendation
Written report providing advice to the Principal to inform their accreditation recommendation to NESA.

For more information and pricing contact ISTAA
T: 9299 2845