The Association of Independent Schools values quality teaching and recognises the importance of professional growth and development in improving outcomes for students. The Association established the Independent Schools Teacher Accreditation Authority (ISTAA) to provide teachers in schools that adopted a NSW/ACT Standards or Hybrid Model Multi-Enterprise Agreement or a Tasmanian Independent Christian Schools (Teacher) Multi- Enterprise Agreement 2019 (CMEA) with a means to demonstrate the quality of their teaching and as a result increase their remuneration.

Accreditation provides a consistent and transparent process to assure the quality of teaching in our schools and provide the basis for ongoing growth and development of teachers to raise the outcomes of education for students. The Professional Teaching Standards define the qualities of effective teaching. They describe the knowledge, skills and practices expected of teachers at different stages of their careers, and provide a framework for critical reflection, professional development and growth.

ISTAA Teacher Accreditation: 
Professional growth in and beyond the classroom


  • Learn in their classroom with and from colleagues, using research and feedback
  • Develop quality teaching practice and improve student educational outcomes
  • Build their leadership practice and collaborative skills
  • Gain recognition and respect from students, colleagues and parents

Accreditation Updates

Teacher Accreditation Pathways

Proficient Teacher

Progression from BAND 1 ----> BAND 2
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Experienced Teacher Standards Pathways 2021

Progression from BAND 2 ----> BAND 3
You may use the guide and resources for ETSP 2022
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Highly Accomplished Teacher and Professional Excellence

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Lead Teacher

Lead Teacher Accreditation
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Accreditation Pathways Posters

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