Requirement for Schools to have Teacher Accreditation Procedures

All Independent schools must implement the requirements in NESA’s NSW Teacher Accreditation Manual (TA Manual) in their school. To do this, schools must have internal procedures for teacher accreditation. This includes schools that previously outsourced their TAA to AISNSW or another school.

A school’s internal procedures will replace any past TAA policies and procedures.

Each school must have internal procedures for:

  • allocating Accreditation Supervisors and supporting teachers to achieve accreditation,
  • providing support to teachers where there are concerns about their practice,
  • making recommendations about the accreditation of teachers achieving Proficient Teacher accreditation who are employed at the school,
  • making notifications to NESA about teacher accreditation matters,
  • handling complaints or grievances,
  • managing conflicts of interest.

A school’s procedures must be consistent with the requirements in NESA’s TA Manual.

These requirements also apply to registered early childhood services (e.g. preschools or long day care centres) provided by schools.

AISNSW has published the Sample Procedures for Teacher Accreditation in Independent Schools (NSW) for member schools to help them to meet the requirement to have internal procedures for implementing NESA’s teacher accreditation policies. The most recently updated resource can be found here