Everyone in the school community has an important role to play in supporting road safety education.

Students develop their knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes about road safety at school. Skills are taught as part of the PDHPE K-10 Syllabus at each Stage of learning and through Stage 6 Student Wellbeing.

Parents and carers have an important role in supporting road safety education (RSE) in partnership with schools. By following road safety habits and driving practices, families send positive safety messages and students learn to be responsible for their own safety.

Road safety education key messages for pedestrians, passengers, and safety on wheels

Primary school RSE supports safety through the teaching and promotion of a set of key road safety messages and skills. These are taught through the PDHPE curriculum and encourage students to be safe as a pedestrian, passenger or on wheels.

Students in Stage 4 use roads as pedestrians, passengers, and riders. At this Stage, students learn about protective behaviours, laws, and road safety education rules.

Students in Stage 5 are approaching the age when they can apply for a learner licence and may be passengers of older siblings and friends. Through PDHPE, students learn skills they can apply in challenging and unsafe situations and to evaluate factors that may impact their decisions and behaviours.

With many senior students already learning to drive, Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) RSE focuses on driver and passenger safety through designated in-school wellbeing activities designed in conjunction with PDHPE teachers, and also through Stage 6 English using the Cruise Control resource.

Support from parents and carers

Parents and carers are an important component of RSE. Adhering to their school’s usual and additional drop-off and pick-up instructions and designated zones during COVID-19 will ensure all members of the school community stay safe.

Students need support to develop skills to judge the direction and speed of vehicles. By helping students to remain focused means they will be supported to deal with sudden changes in the traffic environment.


Knowing the road rules will support student safety in and around vehicles, this includes using the Safety Door (the rear footpath side door) to ensure they are safe getting in and out of the car.

Comprehensive RSE resources are available for primary students, teachers and parents through Safety Town. Secondary resources are available via On the Move.

Two comprehensive infographics related to primary and secondary RSE can be accessed on the Learning from Home Portal (PDHPE and Wellbeing sections) as well as AISNSW Road Safety Education website.

All AISNSW schools can access no-cost RSE professional learning and support by contacting PDHPE, Primary, and Wellbeing consultants.

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