Attendance Improvement Planning

It is a registration requirement that independent schools monitor attendance data to identify students at risk of poor attendance or for whom there are attendance concerns, for example unsatisfactory or irregular attendance or patterns of absence.

Schools are also required to implement intervention strategies to identify and support students at risk of developing attendance concerns.

It is a school registration requirement that schools have documented policies and procedures for both the monitoring of attendance data and the implementation of intervention strategies to identify and support students at risk of unsatisfactory attendance.

Attendance improvement strategies that may be implemented to promote and improve attendance at the school should be clearly documented as part of the school’s policy and procedural information.

These strategies can occur at a whole school level, where principles, practices and strategies are used to promote consistent and regular attendance.

Schools may also implement individualised strategies in response to an individual student’s needs. This may lead to attendance improvement planning.

Attendance improvement planning is a collaborative process whereby issues relating to a student’s inability to attend are identified and strategies to increase attendance are determined. An attendance improvement plan is the documented outcome of the planning process.

Schools can contact the AISNSW Regulation Team for information about monitoring attendance data and the process of attendance improvement planning and how to incorporate these aspects into policy and procedural documentation at or phone (02) 9299 2845.

For support with attendance improvement planning across the school or in relation to individual students, including facilitating Compulsory Schooling Conferences, schools can contact the AISNSW Student Services Portfolio on (02) 9299 2845.