AISNSW’s Regulation and Accreditation Portfolio assists schools with a range of attendance matters to do with NSW legislative requirements and NESA school registration requirements.

School principals and executive members, leaders and teachers can contact consultants from the AISNSW Regulation Team to access attendance advice, information and support about:

  • Legislation around compulsory school age and school leaving age
  • Responsibilities of parents and schools
  • School registration requirements for:
    - the maintenance of the enrolment and attendance register
    - monitoring attendance data and intervention strategies to improve unsatisfactory attendance.
  • Use of the Minister’s Codes for the attendance register
  • Delegations of principals to approve and cancel applications for exemption
  • Next educational destination of a student including when the educational destination is unknown
  • Regulatory requirements for attendance policy and procedural documentation.

The Regulation Team also regularly provides a professional learning course about attendance, exemption and enrolment requirements, Attendance, exemption and enrolment requirements for schools multiple times through the year. For further information about this course and to register, click here. This course is included as a core service for member schools and available at no additional cost to member school staff.

The Regulation Team can also develop a customised course to meet individual member school’s needs.

Legislative Requirements for Attendance and Enrolment

Information about compulsory schooling requirements and legal obligations of schools and principals in relation to attendance.
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Daily Attendance Register and the Minister’s Codes

Information about the daily attendance register and school registration requirements for the attendance register.
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Exemptions from Attendance and Enrolment

Information about the two types of exemptions, an exemption from attendance and an exemption from enrolment, and the circumstances in which they may be considered.
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Information about the reasons for which leave may be approved.
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Attendance Improvement Planning

Information about the regulatory requirement for schools to monitor attendance data and implement attendance improvement planning interventions.
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See a range of resources designed to support schools in relation to attendance and exemptions.
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