Principals have the discretion to approve leave for a student absence for one of the following reasons:

  • misadventure or unforeseen event
  • participation in special events not related to the school
  • domestic necessity such as serious illness of an immediate family member
  • attendance at funerals
  • travel in Australia and overseas
  • recognised religious festivals or ceremonial occasions.

If the absence is accepted by the principal and approved as leave, the Minister’s Code for leave, L, may be used. There may be other reasons for which the principal decides that this code is appropriate. The principal may request documentation or additional documentation from a parent/carer to substantiate an absence.

Leave for travel

The principal has the discretion to grant leave for students enrolled at the school for travel or other reasons determined by the principal as an accepted reason for leave. There are no regulations or guidelines for independent schools relating to leave for travel.  

If a school’s attendance policy and procedures include provision for approving leave for travel, the school should have school-based procedures for applying and approving an application for leave.

If the principal grants leave for travel, the school should consider arrangements to maintain the educational continuity of the child.

Principals cannot grant an exemption from attendance for the purpose of travel.

Member schools may consider using AISNSW templates for an Application for Extended Leave/Travel and Certificate for Extended Leave/Travel, for this purpose available in the AISNSW Resource Centre.