This information assists member schools by setting out advice and precedents which may be used in formulating or reviewing their enrolment processes, including the terms on which students are enrolled and some of the legal issues around enrolments and payment of fees. and various issues that arise in relation to enrolments. The information is divided into four main areas:

  • Policy and Procedures
  • Enrolment Conditions, including boarders and international students
  • Forms and letters
  • Guidelines for enrolling students with a disability and guidelines relating to fees in enrolment contracts

This information is intended for use by the school’s head and executives involved in the enrolment process.  

Schools are advised to seek their own legal advice before finalising their enrolment related documents

Use this site in conjunction with the AIS Attendance webpage which has information about exemption from enrolment, and NESA’s Student Destination Unknown form for use when a student appears to have left the school.

The sample policies and procedures are provided as examples only. 

Contact the AIS on 02 9299 2845 for more information from the Education Regulations and Program Implementation Team, and/or the Workplace Management Team.