School Registration and Accreditation

AISNSW provides a wide range of consultancy services, resources and support in the area of school registration and accreditation.

Registration is an independent school’s license to operate. Secondary schools can also choose to have accreditation for the RoSA and/or HSC so students can receive these NSW credentials.

NESA’s NSW Registered and Accredited Individual Non-Government Schools Manual explains the requirements and process for registration and accreditation.

Recent Changes

Information about changes to NESA’s regulation of Independent schools
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Registration and Accreditation Requirements

Information about school registration and accreditation requirements.
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Courses and Information Sessions

Learn about the requirements for registration, stay up-to-date, review and consider policy, procedures and the details of requirements with AISNSW consultants. Sessions cover Registration and Accreditation, NESA regulatory processes and key policy areas, curriculum, as well as regulatory requirements for Teacher Accreditation and CRICOS approval.
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Resources and support material designed to support schools maintaining compliance with Registration and Accreditation requirements.
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