Registration and Accreditation Requirements

Under the NSW Education Act, all independent schools in NSW must be registered with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Registration acts as a school's license to operate.

Secondary schools may also choose to be accredited for the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) and/or the Higher School Certificate (HSC). Accreditation enables students enrolled at the school to access the NSW credentials of the RoSA and/or HSC.

Renewing Registration/Accreditation

School registration/accreditation is approved for a maximum of 5 years (1 year for initial registration).

Schools need to apply to NESA to renew registration in the final year of each registration/accreditation period.

The renewal process involves the following steps:

  • School applies for renewal of registration/accreditation through NESA’s RANGS Online portal. This includes providing NESA with some documentation as identified in the application form.
  • NESA assesses the application using a risk-based assessment process which includes an Inspector:
    - reviewing the documentation provided with the school’s application
    - conducting an inspection visit (note, a small number of schools assessed by NESA as being very low risk may not have an inspection visit each time the school renews registration)
  • NESA Inspector writes an inspection report with a recommendation about the renewal of the school’s registration/accreditation which the school is asked to sign
  • NESA’s Registration and Accreditation Committee considers the inspection report and forwards the recommendation to the Minister for Education and Early Learning
  • The Minister makes a decision about the school’s registration.
  • Once registration is approved by the Minister, the school receives a new Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Accreditation (as relevant).

Registration and Accreditation Resources

AISNSW has a range of advice, tools and resources in relation to NESA’s Registration and Accreditation Requirements.
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