School Improvement

Effective school improvement is an iterative cycle of actions undertaken by a school’s leadership team to impact positively on outcomes for students. Based on data analysis and interpretation, improvement priorities are set and actions are designed that are goal orientated, time-bound and measurable. Cycles of monitoring and reflection refine the actions, while professional learning is aligned to stated priorities. Capacity building of leadership teams is an integral part of a school’s improvement journey.

How can we support you?

AISNSW is able to support your school review, refine or develop a strategic intent and translate this into tangible action plans. We can support school leaders to engage in and embed rigorous school improvement processes with a focus on building teacher capacity and enhancing student academic, wellbeing and life outcomes.

Whether you are interested in developing strategy and/ or developing school improvement capacity please contact Jorga Marrum, Manager: Strengthening Outcomes to discuss your particular needs.

Supporting School Improvement – Purpose to Impact

AISNSW School Improvement Consultants can support independent schools to identify and then build capacity across critical elements that constitute effective school improvement within their own context.

School Improvement Case Studies

This Case Studies series presents the school improvement journeys of five NSW independent schools. Each case study documents in an open and honest way how each school has navigated the process of identifying challenges, establishing priorities and working towards ongoing school improvement.