School Improvement

School improvement is an important part of every schools work, with the aim to enhance school practices in order to create better student outcomes.

Improvement involves school leaders, staff and the whole school community refining a shared vision, conducting rigorous self-evaluation, creating a well-developed plan for improvement, and establishing reliable ways of measuring and monitoring change. Engaging in a robust school improvement process over a sustained period of time can yield positive results, including more effective school practices, improved student outcomes and an increase in the predictability of student success, year to year.

Research suggests that in general, schools are more likely to achieve measurable improvements in student performance if they are supported by an external body or team, than if they go at it alone. (Hopkins 2022) Principals of schools know it is difficult to learn to be effective or scale effectiveness without focused support.

How can we support you?

AISNSW is able to support schools, leaders and teachers in a number of ways. Whether you are interested in developing school improvement capacity, lifting improvement capability or growing evidence informed practices please contact Jorga Marrum, Manager: Strengthening Outcomes to discuss your particular needs.