Effective Schools Service

The AISNSW Effective Schools Service (ESS) offers schools the opportunity to form a long-term professional partnership with an experienced AISNSW consultant.

Engaging in a robust process to make your school more effective, over a sustained period, can yield positive results. These include more effective school practices, improved student outcomes and an increase in the predictability of student success, year to year.

What do school leaders say?

"Until we got involved in this program we just didn’t know how to make whole school change happen."

"We have been on a cultural change journey for three years. ESS has given us both a shape and purpose to our work."

"A key lesson for my school executive and myself has been the importance of professional development supporting the change process at every step of the way."

How our consultants work with you

An AISNSW consultant will partner with you, acting as your school’s very own “personal trainer”.

We bring our experience and expertise, informed by current research, and work with you to create a plan to help your school become more effective.

We’re with you each step of the way, encouraging and supporting you and your staff team as you achieve your goals as a school.

Your very own effective schools consultant will support you to:

  • Work effectively as a team
  • Lead people through change
  • Make evidence-informed decisions         
  • Set and meet timeframes and goals
  • Deliver improvement strategies
  • Monitor and track progress

We come to you for a long-term partnership

Start your journey into effectiveness today

Can’t commit to a year-long partnership? Dive into this suite of courses to equip yourself and your school to be more effective:

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