Whole-School Road Safety Education Projects

K-12 Whole-school Road Safety Education Funding Opportunity 2023

Open Friday 10 March 2023 (Week 6, Term 1)

Funding opportunities are being offered to NSW independent schools to conduct Whole-school Road Safety Education projects. These funding opportunities are supported by Transport for NSW under the School Road Safety Education Program.

These projects should promote a sustainable and continuous commitment to student wellbeing that focus on K-12 road safety education.

Application guidelines should be read before completing the 2023 application form(Note: AISNSW independent school log In required to access documents)

Sample project applications and examples of previous projects can be found on the AISNSW Road Safety website page.

For further information or to discuss funding project suitability, please contact AISNSW PDHPE Consultant Katrina Mostyn or on 02 9299 2845.

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 28 April 2023.

Schools will be notified of the outcome of their application by Wednesday 10 May 2023 (Week 3, Term 2)

Western Riverina Community School Road Safety Project

Towards Independence, Skills and Safety

Western Riverina Community School’s main objective is to develop independence and work-readiness in students as having their licence is one of the ways in which they can significantly improve employment prospects, and developing the social and emotional learning required to use roads and vehicles safely.

AISNSW annual Wellbeing and PDHPE Consultants supported Riverina Community School through professional learning, support and connections to, the Advocate for Children and Young People, NSW Government and NSW Police to achieve the outcomes of their project.

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