School Based Research Projects - Hunter Christian School

How effective is NELI (Nuffield Early Language Intervention)? 
A longitudinal study of developing oral language skills in Kindergarten

The new NSW K-2 English Syllabus for 2023 introduces outcomes in the areas of Oral Language and Communication and Vocabulary. As a consequence of this change, the Hunter Christian School research project investigates the gap in oral language skills between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged counterparts. The crux of the project involves a small group intervention program with Kindergarten students in 2023 and 2024 using the Nuffield Early Language Intervention [NELI] from the UK. 

The intervention will focus on students’ development of oral language skills and examine the impact of the intervention on students’ oral language, literacy and socio-emotional outcomes via pre and post-data collection. It will also involve a longitudinal evaluation, tested six months after the completion of the intervention with each cohort to test retention of any gains made. Year 1 students in 2023 (who did not participate in an intervention program in 2022) will act as a control group to compare against the 2023 Kindergarten cohort when they are in Year 1 in 2024.