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Building Readers for Life: A Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) program

This project aims to ensure all students acquire the literacy skills necessary for academic and future success, including the motivation to read. It will evaluate the impact of its “Just Read” program K-12, where students engage in sustained silent reading (SSR) for pleasure, for 20 minutes a day. The research team measure vocabulary and reading comprehension development, and attitudes to reading. They completed the first round of data collection at the end of 2019. 

The team has been encouraged by the initial implementation of the program itself at the beginning of 2020 for Years K – 11. They have captured feedback from staff through surveys and unprompted communications from parents. The disruption of remote learning added an unexpected challenge the research team had to navigate. They sustained the program through inclusion in remote learning timetables and consistent expectations from teachers. The project team continue to be motivated by the hope to empower learners through a lifelong love of literature.

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