Autism Spectrum Disorder - Online Learning Experiences

Most people already know or will meet someone on the autism spectrum. If you have, you will be aware that every person on the autism spectrum is different and that each individual has unique strengths, needs and interests.

Would you like to learn about how your school can provide a range of strategies to promote an inclusive school setting to support the needs of all students on the autism spectrum?

If so, the Student Services can assist through:

  • tailored advice and consultancy support related to planning
  • face-to-face and virtual professional learning opportunities
  • a series of online modules (see details below)
  • access to a range of fact sheets, proformas and case studies.

Explore the online modules below or contact the Student Services team to find out more about tailored options available to you and your school:

Pathways through the Online Learning Experiences:


Suggested Modules

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Universal Supports addresses the social communication, social interaction, patterns of behaviour and interests that you may observe when teaching a student with autism. This understanding and knowledge will assist you to implement a range of strategies to optimise positive and successful school participation.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Targeted Supports will help you to understand the strategies and adjustments you can integrate into your daily classroom practice to effectively meet the needs of students with autism.  

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Intensive Supports will help you undertake a comprehensive process to determine the impact and implications of a student’s strengths and challenges and to identify relevant strategies and adjustments to support them to successfully engage with school.

Professional Readings and Resources

 Professional Readings

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