Commissioned and Industry Research

The Evidence Institute undertakes and supports a range of research, independently, and through partnerships for mutual benefit, and the betterment of education. Commissioned research is undertaken with Independent schools and organisations including universities, government and industry.

The Evidence Institute is committed to sharing the highest quality evidence from local, national and international research to help inform practice within the Independent sector and beyond. Information is shared in a variety of ways to engage and support a wide range of stakeholders including teachers, school leaders, educational researchers, government and those across intersecting industries.

Strategic themes are identified through consultation with stakeholders and by monitoring the educational horizon. The Evidence Institute understands the evolving and diverse needs of the Independent sector and seeks to support schools with evidence relevant to their diverse contexts.

The Bridge

This research-focused publication translates the latest research into practical actions that align with the needs and interests of schools. If you wish to contribute your research to The Bridge and share insights with other Independent schools, or if you have specific areas you would like to see addressed, please contact us.

Growing and Nurturing Educators Literature Review

Remote Learning and Digital Learning Practices

Schools and educators faced unprecedented challenges as remote learning, in varying degrees and for different students, becomes more prevalent practice due to COVID-19. The Evidence Institute explored these challenges and their impacts on the future needs of educators as they adapt to different ways of meeting individual learners needs. 

A range of initiatives were undertaken to better understand the experiences of educators and to identify and design targeted support.

Teacher Wellbeing

In recognition of the importance of teacher wellbeing and its impact on teachers’ work a multiphase research project was conducted with teachers from the Independent sector in NSW. The literature review, aimed to understand how teacher wellbeing has been defined; identify factors that impact on teacher wellbeing and identify initiatives that enable teacher wellbeing.

Primary Science and Technology: Towards Richer Teaching and Learning

School Based Research Projects

AISNSW Education Research Council School Based Research Projects Evaluation

This Evaluation was undertaken to provide the AISNSW Education Research Council (ERC) with a rigorous independent review of the School Based Research Project (SBRP) initiative. The final report was not formally published however key messages were published as AISNSW articles.