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In what ways can a structured study skills program develop independence and improve wellbeing in young people?

Project Summary

The Mental Health Commission for New South Wales reports that the top issue of concern for young people managing poor mental health is school or study problems. In recent years schools have devoted significant resources to supporting the mental health of young people, often employing additional pastoral staff or counsellors to support students experiencing symptoms of anxiety and / or depression triggered by academic stress. This study investigates whether pre-emptive intervention  to support young people in developing academic confidence - through a structured study skills program focused on evidence-based independent learning strategies - improves wellbeing for students Years 9 & 10. If students regularly practice skills including self-evaluating, organising and transforming, spaced rehearsing and memorising, we anticipate they will use their time within and beyond the classroom more effectively.

By undertaking this project together and offering communal spaces where students can study together out of hours, we hope to reduce feelings of isolation experienced by students managing anxiety and strengthen our learning community. By carving out space for students to understand how they learn, we affirm our confidence in their capacity and need to acquire wisdom, resilience, and independence through their experience of both challenge and success.  

School Based Research Projects

Each year member schools in NSW are invited to apply for funding and support to conduct a two year School Based Research Project. Successful projects are awarded in areas of education which ultimately impact student outcomes and make substantial contributions to new insights in and beyond individual schools. These Projects aim to build research capacity and cultures of research engagement in practicing teachers and/or school leaders in the independent sector.

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